We nurture the close relationships with our customers, which allows us to monitor and respond to the needs and requirements of our long-standing customers. Our collaboration with hospitals is achieved by successfully participation in hospital and national tenders and sales force on the field. We continuously follow and implementre technologies and high standards that enable us to improve our day-to-day operations

Regulatory services

We can take care of all medicinal regulatory and consulting services to domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies With our wide network of partners we can attend to all medicinal regulatory affairs on markets where  our partners have a strong presence and local expertise. (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, )  Ligula Pharma offers local support in regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance, and a wide range of regulatory and pharmacovigilance services.


Fulfillment of all conditions of good distribution is obligatory standard. The distribution of temperature-sensitive medicines is carried out with vehicles equipped for temperature manipulation, monitoring and outprint. Each vehicle can print out temperature data, from loading to unloading. If the goods are not transported in such vehicles, they are transported in certified thermo box containers containing temperature loggers.